Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri is an award winning designer. His work seeks to distill emotion and meditative clarity in a functional object. 

His current work, Sora, was awarded the Bronze leaf at the International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa, Japan. Sora, was developed from it's name.  The word 'Sora' meaning, of sky (natural form) and emptiness (abstract). Inspired by the Japanese 'tea bowl', Sora was designed to capture these ideas of emptiness, nature, and meditation. The stool was crafted to crafted to celebrate the act of meditation, by supporting the user in a meditative pose, alleviating their body from pain and freeing their mind to enter fully into their practice.

The act of creating Sora was a meditative process for Phaisanchotsiri as well, who found this feeling of lightness and clarity through the process of crafting Sora and worked to distill this feeling in the object.
The intention of the project is to rethink the idea of a meditation stool as purely functional or an unnecessary object cluttering a living space. Through it's design, Sora transcends the realm of furniture evolving into a small sculpture that can be placed in any space to inspire a peaceful mind and create a calm living area.

Phaisanchotsiri is a graduate of King Mongkut's University of Technology and Kanazawa University.