Pakpoom Wittayaworakan's work focuses on examination of a meditative state explored through the woodworking process and human's relationship with the environment.  After relocating from Bangkok to a rural community in Northeastern Thailand, Wittayaworakan has devoted his life to creating a sustainable farm for himself and his family and uses woodwork as a means to connect to the earth, to nature, and to process the world around him through the meditation it provides. 


He believes that the natural rhythm of life and the development of humans becomes clouded when dictated by capitalist structures and distills this into his work with humour, skill and creativity. His understanding of natural materials allows him to pick the perfect grain, weight, and texture for each piece.


By highlighting the natural imperfection of the material, accepting them, and using them to maximise the beauty of the finished work, Wittayaworakan's objects create an instant sense of intimacy with the user. 
A master craftsman, Wittayaworakan teaches woodworking classes at his home and believes working with raw materials help children build a bond with the planet and the nature around them.



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