Nanu Youttananukorn is an artist, designer and maker, known for his installations, performances and object art. His work questions intention and emotion of pre-existing objects and traditions while exploring the relationship between systematic thinking, improvised action and the nature of material. 

junn180202_021 copy.jpg

Working with all elements of his medium, the rough bark and knotted body, he crafts objects that bring nature into the life of its user, refreshing the mind as they are pushed to contemplate inherent beauty and human's quest to control the elements around them.
Each piece represents a careful conversation between maker and material; the story of both are crafted, clarified and discovered through the process. 

Nanu's work expresses a belief that core values can be translated into results with the potential to deliver a reflective conscious to both users and spectators.

He is a graduate of London College of Communication and Design Academy Eindhoven.