Charnon Nakornsang is known for continually investigating new techniques in his work, mixing the mediums raw elements with his own artistic ambition and desires. His workshop, which he built in 2013, was handcrafted to reflect the essence of his work -- beauty, simplicity and functionality. Natural light fills the room in which Nakormsang produces one-of-a-kind furniture and useable art. 

His work begins with the recognition of a void; that the object he desires, for a particular use, in a specific style, cannot be found. Instead of compromising, he believes this object should be crafted, designed and produced to support a tailored lifestyle and inspire its user. Through his work, Nakornsang produces objects for those who wish to curate every aspect of their lives, each piece designed to bring light to the ordinary.

Nakornsang's work is the object we have dreamt of, but could not find anywhere in the world delivered with mastery of craft and unassailable quality, perfection in details, structure and usability.

He is a graduate of Bangkok University.